Never Take a Bad Photo Again with These Cameras

Many people have become so reliant on their smartphone for taking photos, and so used to their limitations, that they can’t remember how to operate a standalone camera (if they’re old enough to remember when that was their only option).

Yet there’s nothing like strolling through life, at least some of the time, with a real camera in your hand or strapped around your neck, announcing that you take the art of photography seriously.

A digital camera allows greater precision with your photography, and a luxury digital camera like one of these gives you the presence and confidence to get the best shot every time.

Leica M11 — $8,995

This German manufacturer is more than a century old and is known for delivering rugged cameras with a premium look and feel.

The lightweight M11 is easy to handle and captures stunning images with your choice of 60, 36 or 18 megapixels. Its first-of-its-kind multifield light metering when shooting in rangefinder mode lets photogs pay more attention to every other aspect of the frame.

It’s a certified Made for iPhone/iPad product with a seamless direct cable connection.

Hasselblad 907X 50C — $6,339

The delightfully boxy retro design of this product, hand-built by the Swedish manufacturer that sent its cameras to the moon, supports a modern touch and tilt screen and a brilliant 50-megapixel sensor with a tremendous ability to catch true-to-life color tones.

It’s compatible with lenses that are dainty to ginormous and has a large dynamic range of 14 stops for amazing contrast within a single frame.

Sony Alpha 7 V — $3,899

This is one of the priciest cameras currently sold by Best Buy, and you do get what you pay for.

Its AI processing unit with deep learning uses human forms and other categories to improve recognition accuracy has a full-frame sensor with 61 million pixels and records 8K and 4K movies with efficient compression, all with a Bionz XR image processor eight times faster than its predecessor.

Lenses must be purchased separately and can only add to the power of this tremendous machine.

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