Putting Greens Help Golf Game & Home Value

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is that improving your game requires getting dressed, loading your bag into the trunk, driving to the nearest practice facility or course and paying the fee before you can even get started.

Consider how much easier and more luxurious it would be to have a putting green at home.

All you’d need to do is step into your backyard and onto the turf to hone all those short game skills like chipping and putting that comprise up to 70% of your shots. Just think how your game would improve if you added small sand traps.

The average residential putting green covers about 500 square feet, but they easily are customized to your lifestyle so you can find them anywhere from 100 square feet to 2,000 square feet or more.

Your dedication to your golf game as well as how many other people you want to invite to use it, should be the defining factors.

There are many add-ons to create a more convenient and sumptuous experience like outdoor lighting, storage sheds, water features, eye-catching flags and adapters for playing bocce ball, croquet and other games.

Beyond the obvious upside to your golf game here are additional benefits to including this amenity in your backyard:


Most backyard greens use artificial turf, which can hold its color and look fabulous for up to 15 years with little maintenance. Even in the winter you’ll be able to see and use this cheery reminder of sun-soaked days on the fairway.

Artificial turf also conserves water and the money you would otherwise spend on maintenance of natural grass greens. It can be a great solution for areas that don’t get enough sun to grow healthy grass or add more color to a xeriscape.

Entertainment and Socializing

The putting green can be a great focus for daily couple and family fun and a huge draw when you’re throwing an outdoor party for your friends and neighbors.

You can hold fundraisers, competitions, even tournaments, not to mention memorable watch parties for the Masters and other iconic televised events.

Your invites will become some of the most coveted in your neighborhood and community!

Home Value

Backyard putting greens are getting increasingly popular with all of the benefits they bring to the table, so they can earn you some money when it’s time to sell your house.

It’s not always a surefire moneymaker, but if you’re in a golf-oriented community like Prescott, Sedona or Flagstaff, it can be a huge asset to consider.

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