Rattan Furniture is Making a Comeback

Rattan furniture and accessories used to date a décor, but thanks to designers and trendsetters, it is now trending and warming up the look of homes everywhere.

Rattan is the material used to weave (wicker) furniture and more. The trend shows no signs of declining because it no longer is just for outdoor furniture — rattan has earned its rightful place inside.

One way to integrate this style into your home is to add lighting with rattan shades. There are many shapes and forms that can lighten a room and add a punch of style.

Headboards get a pop of natural beauty in rattan. You can go all out and create a tropical feel in the room, or just add the headboard.

Rattan can integrate into modern, classic and many other styles easily. You can tie in the look with a lamp or chair if you like.

Adding a rattan chair or sideboard with rattan inserts can work beautifully with your existing furniture and add a finished, natural look to your home.

And don’t forget these styles are not just a natural wood look, some are in warm blues, bright orange and more. If you’re adding rattan outdoors, consider pops of color to brighten up your outdoor space while still keeping a relaxed and inviting look.

Not all rattan styles of furniture look like the 1970s hanging egg chair, although that is still a statement piece in the right place.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready to invest in rattan furniture right now, try incorporating pops of rattan into your home with accessories first. Whether styled on a shelf or hung on a wall, such small details as a storage box, ottoman or decorative pieces on display bring a touch of warmth and texture into the space.

Remember, it’s important not to overdo it at first. Although it is timeless and it’s been around for so long, too much of a good thing is always a risk. Remember, less is more. Start slowly.

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