These Design Trends Elevate Your Outdoor Living

by Valerie Demetros

No matter what time of year it is, people seem to crave more time outside. The right outdoor spaces expand your living space, integrate the interior and exterior seamlessly and welcome guests and family to your home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your landscaping and yard, or are in the designing stages, there are a few current trends that will upgrade and extend your yard’s usability and beauty.

For a secluded dining area outside, consider adding tall hedges for architectural interest and beautiful privacy. It also separates your dining area from the rest of the landscape. Italian Cypress is a popular choice.

A kitchen garden ensures you are cooking and serving fresh, organic produce for your family and guests.

You can lay it out in a beautiful symmetrical design connected by paths to reach everything easily and add accent lighting. Kitchen gardens also flourish in raised beds.

You might also want to consider adding a greenhouse to grow veggies, herbs or even flowers to adorn your tables. Modern, rustic and beautiful greenhouses abound to fit into your landscape and the style of your home.

For proper outdoor living, create an outdoor room.

Elevate the space from simple backyard furniture to elegant furniture, rugs, lighting, mirrors, etc. Bring the indoors outside and create a space to entertain or just relax that becomes an extension of your home.

Remember that lighting doesn’t just mean a few floodlights. Focused, direct and indirect lighting intensifies your nighttime visual landscape.

Bathe the space with soft, warm light to add extra richness to your pathways, patios, walkways and gardens.

If you want to have the coolest house on the block, add a built-in trampoline. These are not only fun, but they are a low-profile addition to your yard rather than an above-ground version that can block the landscaping.

This is the time to also think about adding game space for outdoor bowling, or a pavilion with a billiards table, darts and more to get everyone outside.

For a modern look in your landscaping, consider either professional sculptures or topiaries.

Original sculptures are not only unique to your home, but they also reflect your personal style. Topiaries can be a fun design element that offer a bit of elegance.

For a step up in sophistication, add an outdoor shower and a large tub. Surround with flowers, hedges or just lush furnishing. It’s a bit of decadence in vacation homes that is trending hard, so why not just have it right at home.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages or you’re adding to your backyard, be sure it’s consistent with the style of your home so it all flows and works together. You want a smooth transition that compliments your home.

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