Why You Need a Scullery

If you enjoy entertaining, whether that’s large dinner parties or cozy cocktails with friends, your guests always seem to end up mingling in the kitchen.

Especially if you have an open concept living area, by the end of the night the mess in the kitchen can be substantial. You just might need a scullery area to take care of that.

Consider installing a classic scullery in your home so that while your guests are mingling around your beautiful main kitchen area, the messy business involved in dinner’s preparation is going on elsewhere.

The word “scullery” is Edwardian and refers to a small kitchen or room out back for washing dishes and other cleaning. Along with a butler’s pantry, sculleries were important features of English country houses.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, a butler’s pantry is a room off the kitchen where meals are prepared and prepped for serving. A scullery is a similar concept, but instead of cooking and prepping, it’s for cleaning and storing.

Some sculleries have ice makers, extra refrigerators, storage for appliances you use infrequently but tend to stay on the counter like that mixer and blender.

With a scullery, you have a separate room to store dishes and clean them. This way, your cooking stays in the kitchen where you can chop, cook and serve and once you’re done, move it all to the scullery and have a clean place to mingle without all that mess.

Leave it until tomorrow if you want, nobody is looking.

Adding a scullery will also give your open-concept kitchen a more spacious feel without a messy sink and dishes. And if you tend to cater your events, a scullery makes sense keeping the clean-up action out of sight from your guests.

More and more homeowners are realizing the value of having a scullery kitchen as a practical extension to their existing kitchen.

As you plan your entertaining schedule, imagine how useful a scullery kitchen would be. A beautifully designed scullery will bring great benefits and free up your kitchen to be the elegant living and entertaining space it was designed to be.

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