You Deserve a Wellness Room

Wellness rooms mean something different to each of us. Think of them as the antithesis of the home gym; spaces designed with mental health in mind.

Wellness rooms invite everything from sound therapy to meditation to massage.

Usually, wellness rooms end up being multipurpose spaces. One could be a yoga retreat, a reading library, meditation space or a home gym/meditation room. If you have the space, a wellness room could include massage tables and even saunas.

Here are a few ideas to deck yours out perfectly.

Add a zero-gravity chair, designed to distribute your weight so comfortably that you won’t feel any pressure points. The unusual reclining position, which puts your legs higher than your heart, was inspired by the “zero gravity” position used by NASA to support astronauts during their launch into space.

This position helps to decompress your spine, correcting the misalignments in your neck, shoulders and spinal discs.

Infrared saunas are all the rage for relaxation. They operate at a lower temperature, between 120 and 140 degrees, compared to a traditional sauna. Of course, you need a larger room, but if you have one you won’t regret it.

Just think how you could unwind after a long day or start your day relaxed after an infrared sauna session.

Another popular wellness room popping up is a salt room. The walls, lamps and even the floor in some cases are all salt. After spending time relaxing, your skin will feel amazing.

If that’s just too much, consider adding one or more Himalayan salt lamps to your wellness room for a peaceful pink glow and salt action.

A wellness room is whatever you want it to be.

Add yoga mats, incense and pillows for a meditation space. If you love to dance, put in a dance studio with a wall of mirrors, sound system and open space. The main purpose of a wellness room is for you to feel comfortable and at peace in the room, whatever that means to you.

Go big or just grab a corner of a room for yourself. You deserve it.

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