Your Personal Style Works Best

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique

All of us want to look great in what we are wearing and stay up to date in terms of what is currently in fashion. The question is, however, how do you know what your own personal style is?

Here are some strategies to find out more about choosing clothing that makes you look and feel your best.

Look in your own closet. Find the pieces that you choose over and over again. What is it about those pieces that you like? Perhaps it is the color or the fabric that is appealing to you.

Our favorite pieces also are the ones that actually fit us and are figure flattering.

Seek inspiration! What catches your eye on social media or in a magazine you are paging through?

After some time doing this you will notice a trend developing. Make a note of this. Everything that appeals to you is a clue to developing your own personal style.

Create a wish list. This step is important for a number of reasons. Knowing what you want eliminates impulse buying. We all love a great sale, and getting a good deal on an item of clothing is always fun.

Finding that special item on your list also is very satisfying. When you do find it, you already have thought of all the ways that you can wear it.

Pay close attention to your accessories. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, we tend to choose the same necklace or scarf every time. Ask yourself why that is.

Even if the current trend is small and dainty with necklaces, if you like a larger statement piece then go ahead and wear it. This is another clue to developing your own personal style.

Remember being stylish is different than being trendy. Every season there are new style trends to grab our attention. Wearing some of these trends may not be in our own best interest.

When you develop your personal sense of style you will know what trendy new items work for you and which do not.

With a new season ahead of us take some time and evaluate your wardrobe. Personal style is unique for everyone, and it is very satisfying to find out just what that is.

Invest the time — you are worth it!

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