Create a Gallery for your Luxury Cars

In 1909, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in Oak Park, Illinois, became one of the first American homes to include a garage. The home had a three-car garage, and Wright protested its design, noting that garages just attract clutter.

Home design has come a long way since then, and garages have now become a luxurious extension of your well-designed home. Your favorite cars need to be pampered and in a secure environment where they can be appreciated.

Regardless of the size of your collection, keeping your favorite cars onsite rather than in storage means you get to take them out at a moment’s notice, as well as admire them with or without company.

And keeping them at home in a totally discreet environment that no one except you knows about is the ultimate in garage design.

There is nothing new about creating a large garage space at home, but instead of treating it as just storage space, why not create a unique, plush space that you can relax in and take your time to appreciate your favorite cars.

Give yourself the space to entertain friends, family and business colleagues with a comfortable lounge area with your cars displayed in a gallerylike space.

While designing your ultimate garage, include such special features as a sunken seating area, a large cinematic screen, a bar, dining space or even a view into an adjacent swimming pool.

And a subterranean garage isn’t just for Tony Stark. Multimillion-dollar garage designs can be incorporated right underneath your home or even under the garage, making them not only hidden storage but livable space as well. Add a few skylights to bring some light into the area.

Sliding wall, lifts, smart glass and programmable lighting make the garage a welcoming and efficient space.

Don’t forget that cars need to be kept in properly ventilated and humidity-controlled environments for maximum efficiency and care. Make sure your designer is aware of your cars’ particular needs.

If going underground isn’t possible, you may want to consider converting an existing structure such as a barn, warehouse, pool house, etc. Be sure to insulate it well and add a high-end ventilation system as well as added security and interior designs that complement your home and style.

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