Make Home More Luxurious with Summer Upgrades

‘Tis the season in Northern Arizona to brighten and modernize your home and yard with upgrades and renovations.

Summer’s weather makes it an ideal time to undertake projects large and small to make your world more comfortable, memorable and stylish. If your décor hasn’t been refreshed in more than five years it likely could use a reboot, or if your landscaping is tired and struggling that’s your cue to come in and replace it with plants that will add to your enjoyment and home value.

One of these overhauls may be just what the house doctor ordered to revive your abode.

Revamp an underused room

Ending up with spaces that aren’t functional anymore is a part of life as kids grow up and move out, hobbies and interests change and technology changes your entertainment and fitness equipment needs.

Take a moment to reflect on any rooms that might fall into this category and what it would take for you to spend more time there; then come up with a plan to make it a reality.

Glam up your home office

If your job is full-time remote or a hybrid schedule, you can use any downtime that comes from a reduced summer workload to upgrade a room that may not have gotten much attention since its founding about three years ago.

It’s time to find a desk and chair that are truly comfortable, add colors that rejuvenate you while helping you focus and insert a few frills to make it more sumptuous, like a leather desk pad or an alarm clock that doubles as modern art.

Install a sunroom or screened porch

If you have an outdoor space adjacent to your house that you wish you could use throughout the year this could be your solution.

A sunroom with wall-to-wall windows can be used almost year-round here without climate control and brings abundant natural light into your living space, while a screened porch offers less control but better circulation of fresh air and aromas.

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