Put Aesthetically Attractive Arches Everywhere

by Blake Herzog

The interior design trend embracing curved lines and surfaces that came to the fore last year is an enticing choice for anyone seeking a soft, calming atmosphere for their home, and arches are one of the biggest stars of this movement.

Their sweeping lines and link to architectural features going back millennia add artistry and gravitas to the soothing vibe they impart to any tableau.

Details large and small, built-in, painted-on or installed can reflect and magnify the arch shape almost to infinity.


The most prominent interior feature that can be arched also is one of the most effective.

Curved openings in partitions can provide a broad connection and spacious feeling to any two rooms while maintaining a degree of separation that’s increasingly valuable to today’s homeowners. They can be formal or informal depending on the context and either way offer a pleasing frame for the view into the next room.

It’s relatively easy to convert an existing doorway to an arch. Putting French doors into that arch is a different matter but create a stunning effect.


Just like doorways, arches give an appealing structure to your view of the outdoors and add to a home’s curb appeal as well.

Most are divided into panes to form a grid, though some have more Gothic overtones with elaborate designs at the top of the archway. Their commanding presence elevates a room while integrating more outdoor splendor into your indoor environment.

It’s similarly simple to convert a rectangular window to an arched beauty and a new one can absolutely be added as well, even to a brick house.


Arched alcoves or niches can be installed into any room to add stylish shelving for storage and/or display space, built-in benches, reading nooks, cozy armchair placement and other eye-catching features that break up wall space and increase visibility for everything from books to statues to bathtubs, depending on their size and location.

Wall thickness and load bearing properties may limit your ability to add these features to your home, though.


Arched or vaulted ceilings are easier to incorporate into new builds than existing structures and are completely worth the effort.

They make any space look larger and airier, and in a luxury home they’re almost essential for conferring the grandeur you’re looking for.

If having an archway in your home appeals to you, you can add interest in your home with just a domed entryway, barrel ceiling in the hall or even a cove vault in the living room or bedroom. The options are endless.

Furnishings and décor

If you’re craving arches at home now and don’t want to wait for a reno, your options are nearly limitless. Arched mirrors are a go-to that does the job magnificently, but once you start looking you’ll see arches everywhere. Fireplaces, hanging storage, light fixtures, tables large and small, cabinets and cupboards, sofas, you name it.

You can even paint arches onto the walls, a tactic that works especially well when forming a faux headboard for a bed.

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