Summer Styles Cover the Color Palette

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique

With the warmer weather of summer it becomes easier to decide what to wear. Gone are bulky layers and jackets, and style becomes simpler. A perfect outfit for summer can be jeans and a T-shirt or a dress.

If you want to take your style up a notch, though, the first place to look is to color choices.

Black and white are always classic, but in 2023 bright colors are very trendy. Vibrant lavender, luscious red, bold yellow and the deep bluish green known as verdigris are all very popular. It’s time to shed the drab colors of winter and embrace an entire new season.

This summer will show you beautiful floral prints. Colorful flowers are simply everywhere.

Walk into your favorite boutique or department store and you will be met with this fun and uplifting trend. Every color palette is represented with bold designs and more understated patterns. Try something new and add a floral design to your wardrobe.

Tie-dye is making a comeback! Yes, what’s old is new again, and designers are showing a more subdued version of this now fashion staple.

What is different is that dip-dye and ombre coloring showcase tie-dye patterns in a new and elegant light. Gone are the neon swirls of the 1970s — today’s fashions show a more subdued pattern while still keeping this trend fresh and new.

The secret to any chic summer wardrobe is the perfect pair of bright white jeans. Look at this seasonal staple as a blank canvas. You can have a pair in ecru, ivory or cream. Just accessorize with a bright top or fun sandals.

White denim is available in every style — the skinny jean, the high-waisted mom jean and even the cargo style are all represented.

Metallic designs are for every season. You may assume that sequins are only for the winter months. This summer look is being seen in gold and silver designs both in handbags and especially in sandals. A little bit of “bling” can go a long way in taking your outfit from day to evening.

Enjoy the summer months, and update your wardrobe to embrace the longer days and warmer temperatures. Your favorite boutique or department store is ready to help you with this new season.

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