The Cell Where Health Begins

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

People ask me all the time if I think the water will get better. I think I can answer that with 99.9% certainty — they don’t call them “forever chemicals” for nothing!

I’ve watched water quality just get worse and worse for 50 years now. It’s crazy and a downright shame what we have done to our precious drinking water! The worst thing we’ve done to our drinking water is use it to flush toilets and then recycle it back to drinking water; lots of harsh chemicals.

I’ve been educating people for years about good health, and it’s really very simple.

Health begins in the cell. Every cell from skin cells to every other cell inside the body has a recipe —a formula – of what it needs to rebuild itself. You have about 300 million skin cells alone, depending on your size.

Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s more important than most think.

From the moment of conception, cells begin this amazing multiplication magic of splitting and dividing that doesn’t stop until we run out of minerals. Once you run out of minerals, it’s game over.

That is why nutrients are vital to good health. Cells need hydrogen, oxygen and nutrient-rich water for this process to keep working in the body. When cells lack these things, everything begins to decline.

Healthy cells make a healthy body, and sick cells make a sick body.

Cells in our bodies are water inside and out; they are like little sponges sucking up water. They are looking for the needed nutrients to stay healthy. Without nutrients cells die, and if enough of them die the whole organism will collapse — and death occurs. Cells must have clean hydrogen, oxygen, nutrient-rich water to remain well.

Water transports everything through your body to the cell, the good and the bad. Protect your health from diseases, disorders, harmful toxins and costly medical bills by drinking clean water.

Clean water is your best defense against all disease and disorders. Remember, buy a filter or be a filter.

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