Turn your Basement into a High-End Paradise

The basement is an extension of your home and its style and should be treated with the same amount of design and attention.

The first step is to think about how you plan to use the space. Will you use it during the day or at night, and will you need to add plumbing, walls or skylights?

Check out the following ideas for inspiration while planning your subterranean getaway.

  1. Add a spa with massage tables, sauna and cold-plunge pool for the definitive spa experience at home.
  2. Include a wine cellar and a comfortable and stylish space to admire and enjoy your wine solo or with friends.
  3. Consider the ultimate home gym. Add everything you need right downstairs and make sure it’s designed for optimal use. Include a high-end sound system to do it right.
  4. A faux fireplace can make the space more inviting and comfortable.
  5. A basement practically begs for a home theater with individual recliners and a small kitchen with a professional popcorn machine. You may need to add custom AV work and extra sound insulation.
  6. Consider recessed lighting to use the space.
  7. Keep the pallet light and bright, especially if there are no windows or skylights.
  8. Add a small kitchen to make the space even more livable.
  9. If you plan to entertain, incorporating a bar and stools can make the space more inviting.
  10. Instead of just ping pong, consider billiards, shuffleboard and even an indoor basketball court with seating to watch the game.
  11. Underground auto storage, as well as comfortable seating, can offer space to admire your collection in style. Hydraulics can raise the cars up to street level as needed.
  12. Install a primo work-from-home set up. Add space for colleagues to join you for meetings and after-work drinks at your underground bar.
  13. Use mirrors to add the illusion of more space in a small basement.
  14. If you’re a reader, create a library with cozy seating and lighting for reading in comfort and privacy.
  15. If you’re looking for a different kind of workout, add a climbing wall to one side of the basement and let the kids literally climb the walls.
  16. Add an underground pool.
  17. Incorporate a light well to bring natural light to the space. Light wells are three times brighter than side windows and can flood basements with light.

Don’t be bound by functionality and practicality. Make it a fun place and try out a crazy theme, cool wall art, unusual color patterns or anything else that comes to mind.

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