Draw the Eye by Decorating with a Focal Point

A focal point is one of the most important components of each room in your home. It’s the first thing people see when they enter a room. And the best thing you can do is emphasize that focal point and draw the eye right to it.

The most common are windows with beautiful views, kitchen islands, fireplaces, artwork, architectural features and furniture. There are limitless ways to emphasize a focal point, here are just a few.


A statement piece of furniture like a dining table or sofa can serve as a focal point on its own. Some furniture is designed to stand out, but furniture placement can also bring attention to a focal point.

Arranging chairs and tables around a fireplace encourages people to gather around it. Facing furniture toward a picture window will bring attention to the view.

With a large focal point like statement sofa, placing contrasting furniture around it will draw the eye to it. It is also possible to bring attention to a large piece, like a grand piano, by putting it in a space all its own.


Intentionally placed lighting is a subtle way to create emphasis. Light can emphasize a focal point and can also be a focal point, like a statement chandelier over a one-of-a-kind dining table.

If a piece of art is your focal point, picture and track lights are a popular way to highlight your art.


One of the easiest ways to feature a focal point is through the color. A contrasting wall can emphasize a light-colored sofa, just as neutral tones can help to highlight a darker focal point.

If a fireplace is your focal point, color can help draw the eye. Color also is a great way to bring attention to a focal point without needing to rework an entire room. Consider highlighting a picture window with bright curtains or shades.

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