It’s Useful (AKA Fun) to know What’s Trending

Interior design doesn’t usually undergo seasonal fluctuations like fashion because furniture and textures are too expensive and enduring to modify frequently. Yet, things do change and new spaces are designed every year.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to update and add a bit of style or comfort to your space, here is your chance.

The top trending design styles right now include everything from saturated color and listening rooms to enclosed kitchens.

Saturated paint colors

Particularly in bathrooms, saturated wall colors are giving some rooms a new life. Think of what saturating the walls with color would do to an otherwise dull room in your home.

Listening rooms

Music rooms used to be a staple in every household. Now, listening rooms dedicated to music are finding their way back. Whether it’s creating your own or listening to tunes with quality equipment, these rooms are growing in popularity.

Floating stone vanities

If you’re looking at a bathroom renovation, consider a floating vanity. These are making striking changes to bathroom designs. They are particularly nice in powder rooms and tight spaces.

Enclosed kitchens

The open concept is not dead, but enclosed kitchens are slowly seeing a revival. With less built-in cabinetry and more open shelving, these kitchens offer a chance to hide the mess and cook in your own space.

Gold hardware

Hardware is an easy upgrade in most rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms. And the trend seems to be gold hardware taking the place of brushed nickel. This goes along with overall warm tones making a comeback as well. Can you say, “Hello, ‘80s?”

Brutalist and mid-century

The trend is beyond the shiny mod sense of Palm Springs in the 1960s and into the grittier side of brutalist design with organic shapes, concrete floors, raw materials and textural finishes. You can incorporate this in your tablescapes as well as design choices.

Paper and fabric lighting

Designers are seeing a resurgence of lighting made from fabric, paper and silk with soft, ambient glows. Many of these in warm natural tones lend themselves to the earth-tone trend.

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