Keep your Lashes on Trend with These Sets

You may have heard the super-fluffy sets that were dominating eyelash extension trends last year are not as ubiquitous these days as clients and salons are embracing more natural looks.

If you’re still looking for a heightened appearance for your lashes without seeming too overdone, ask about some of these trends making waves with aestheticians and fashionistas alike.

Hybrid lashes

We’re talking about more of an application method than a specific look, but hybrid lashes provide the best of both the “classic” and “volume” lash techniques and can pull off an arrestingly natural look when done by an experienced lash tech.

You can still have the longer, fluffier lashes, just not as many. But they can be placed at the center or the ends of your lids for either an “open-eye” look or a longer, more contoured one.

Wispy lashes

These are the closest to the natural look you can get while still adding a little more pizzazz over your eyes. Here the extensions alternate in length from short to long and back again for a less uniform line that looks like it could be home-grown but is a little more interesting than how many of your 150 or so lashes per eye actually grow out.

Wispier lashes are great for professional as well as everyday settings.

Anime (Manga) style

These are similar to the wispy style but with more contrast, with the base lashes shorter and the spiky fibers longer. This is usually extended to the lower lid’s eyelashes as well with an emphasis on the longer, spikier lashes for an overall doll-like appearance that could have bounced out of a graphic novel or video screen.

Wet sets

As you can imagine, the wet look (also known as the angel look) leans pretty heavily into the spiky look, though the individual spikes aren’t as bold and dramatic as you would probably find with an anime set, providing a fascinating, textured look without overdoing the “fluff.” It doesn’t add any weight to your own lashes either.

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