Lighting’s Power comes in Many Forms

Technological advances with LED lighting in particular have revolutionized how homes can be illuminated, which means you have more choices than ever for your home.

This can make it a little more confusing when making decisions on what to do, but the extra homework pays off with endlessly appealing and customizable ways to see your space.

Here’s what you should know:

Smart light systems

Thanks to LED-bulbs, lighting systems that you can control from wherever you are and that can calibrate themselves to ambient conditions are no longer a futuristic vision. Choosing the right one, though, can require a lot of research and some compromise.

The different brands and types of smart bulbs have their own advantages and drawbacks related to cost, illumination, range of color selection, energy savings and integration with a particular smart home speaker or hub.

By comparing blogs and talking to the right experts, you can figure out exactly what combination of convenience and customization will spark the interior of your dreams.

Architectural lighting

Lighting has become an integral part of architectural design, with designers incorporating lighting elements seamlessly into the structure of the residence. This trend focuses on creating a harmonious blend between the lighting fixtures and the overall interior design.

Architectural lighting is hidden in the recesses of rooms and furniture to keep the focus on whatever is being lit, whether it’s an object on a shelf or a wall with an intriguing texture. In many cases the shadows these lights cast are just as important as the illumination.

Form over function

Over the past couple of decades it’s gotten easier and easier to combine different forms of lighting within a single room.

Most kitchens used to rely on florescent tubes, dining rooms on chandeliers, bedrooms on lamps and so forth. Recessed and track lighting and other innovations have made it much easier to combine these options. So, if you come across a light fixture you absolutely adore — but it doesn’t exactly light up the night — you don’t have to turn off the deal.

Slimmed-down elegance

LEDs have also allowed lighting manufacturers to do more with less, creating fixtures with less wiring and bulk, with a sleeker profile that can look more modern, more artistic or both.

Linear or looping chandeliers can be flush-mounted or suspended from the ceiling, lamps can double as sculpture, and wall sconces can consist of single tubes, candlelike tubes suspended from the walls or spiral tubes wrapped around an axis.

Brighter horizons

The innovations keep coming from every direction you can imagine: sunlight-reflecting robots that can bring natural light to any room, AI-powered lights that can react to specific moments shown in video games and movies, refrigerators with dynamic LED displays covering their doors, remote controls powered completely through the kinetic energy generated by pushing the buttons — stay tuned for more illumination!

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