Retain your style while working with a designer. Working with an interior designer can help you design your home to be the sanctuary it should be, both beautiful and functional.

Retain your Style While Working with a Designer

by Valerie Demetros

Working with an interior designer can help you design your home to be the sanctuary it should be, both beautiful and functional. But it can feel daunting to trust someone to create a space where you will feel comfortable and, more importantly, will reflect your personal style and vision.

Even though designers have years of experience and a broader knowledge of what’s out there, your desires and needs are just as important. And keeping your personal vision alive while working with a designer will mean everyone is happy.

Before you start your search for an interior designer, it’s key to think about the most obvious questions.

Take a moment to self-reflect and decide just what describes you and your family’s style. Are you bold, adventurous, minimalistic or whimsical? This description can mean the beginning of finding the direction for your designs.

Next, ask how you want the space to feel. Are you looking for serenity, energy, inspiration or even mystery? Take a look at your closet and reflect: Do you prefer tailored or less-structured pieces? Do you gravitate toward certain colors or patterns, traditional, formal, playful, sexy, conservative, etc.?

How will you be using the space? If you host large parties and have a large family, a minimalistic approach with open spaces may not be your style. If you consider your home your space away from the outside world, that will help.

Along these lines, it’s important to decided what you don’t like. If you are not a fan of bright walls, busy wallpaper or rattan, make sure that is communicated upfront.

Next, it’s time to find a designer who will work with you.

Of course, a good designer will ask all of the above questions and consider how you use your home. But having this information beforehand gives you an advantage because you have already given it some thought.

Interview designers until you find one who makes you feel comfortable and whom you trust.

Although keeping your own style may be essential to you, one of the advantages of using an interior designer is the designer’s ability to see outside the box. Advice from a professional is valuable. A good designer will use the clues you give them to build an interior you’ll love.

While working with a designer, it is crucial for you to be honest — with yourself and the designer. You may think you want a completely modern, clean-lined look, but be honest. Is that what you truly want or what everyone says is trendy and fashionable? At the end of the day, you will live there and entertain guests, day in and day out.

Speak up. A great designer can translate your inspiration and passions into a design just for you. And a good designer wants your input, ideas and changes.

Remember, design is always shifting and your style is ever-changing, just like your fashion choices. Your interior should evolve as you grow and continue to reflect your style.

Ultimately, it is a designer’s goal to create a place filled with beauty, function and interest that reflects your style. The only way to do that is by working closely with you. So, speak up, know what you want and reap the rewards.

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