Try These Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips & Tricks

When celebrities walk the red carpet, they always seem to look so put together, and their makeup is no exception. What you don’t see are the late-nights, lack of sleep or feeling under the weather. Why is that?

They have makeup artists who can work magic. Here’s your chance to find out just what those tips and tricks are and apply them in your own life, regardless of red-carpet status.

Use concealer as eyeshadow primer

A bit of concealer as a base on eyelids can help eyeshadow stay in place longer and it’s one less product to lug around, since you probably always have a concealer with you.

Take care of your lips

For flawless lipstick, exfoliate and moisturize. Use a wet toothbrush or scrub, then moisturize before putting on lip color. This ensures smooth, bright lips.

Prime your face

Prepare your face by exfoliating, using a moisturizing mask and a primer to fill in scars and blemishes. Then, add foundation for your skin type.

Add a bit of oil to foundation

For a lustrous dewy glow, add a few drops of oil to your foundation. Also, use face oils as a highlighter on the high points of your face for a finishing touch.

Wet your sponge

Makeup artists swear by damp sponges making foundation look more natural. Squeeze out excess water and use gentle dabbing motions to enhance your foundation. Keep the sponge clean and wash after each use.

Lighten your under-eye eyeliner

Apply a lighter color under your eye like light brown, gold or gray to open up the eyes and make your eyes appear bigger. You can also use a light eyeshadow.

Use a brightening pencil

One absolute makeup artist trick is to add a brightening pencil on the inside of your eye. It works as a concealer for the inside of your eye and brightens you up. It’s also an instant hack to looking more awake.

Wear lipliner

Makeup artists swear by lipliner. It gives definition and it creates a shadow. It also keeps your lip color from bleeding.

Practice the Two-Finger method for blush

If you’re not sure where to put blush on your face, take two fingers, put them right next to your nose and apply up and out from there.

Use a setting spray

Finally, don’t forget that any look can be affected by days that are long, cold, hot or emotional. The secret is to spritz it after each layer of makeup. So, by the time you finish, everything from skin care to lashes are set.

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