What Shape Table Best fits your Dining Needs?

A dining table is usually one of the most important gathering places in your home. For this reason, it’s critical that it’s style, shape and size fit your needs.

Certain shapes work better in certain rooms. Also, consider the number of people you expect to seat around the table and how often. If you frequently sit a large number, then a large one-piece table may serve better than a smaller table with leaves for extension.

Once you decide on size, then shape comes into play.


Although this is the most common shape, there is good reason — most dining rooms are rectangular. A rectangular dining table also makes sense when seating a lot of people, especially with an extra leaf to extend it.

Narrower rectangles can work in a narrow room, but any narrower than 36 inches will make it challenging to fit place settings on both sides and food.


Square dining tables work well if you don’t seat large groups often. For the infrequent additional guests, choose an expandable square table.

One advantage to square tables is the intimacy created for a small number of people, usually just four. Also, a square table can double as a desk or accent table or get tucked into a corner to open the room.


A round dining table is one of the best shapes for small gatherings since everyone can see everyone else, conversations flow easier and it feels more intimate. A round table takes up less real estate without corners so it works well in a smaller room.

Remember that a round table can get crowded when you try to shove too many people around it. On the other side, a larger round table can feel uncomfortable if people need to shout across a large expanse.

If you prefer a round table but need to seat more people sometimes, consider a round table with an extension.


Visually, an oval table may seem to occupy less space than a rectangle because of the rounded corners and feels softer than a rectangle, but it also has less surface area. These usually work best in a narrower room.

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