Brow Lamination

The style of the eyebrows changes constantly, just like hem lengths. Finding what looks right for your face and what’s on trend can be an adventure. One of the buzziest trends right now, often credited for the bushy but defined brows popular with celebrities and supermodels, is brow lamination.

You already know the look: brows that look tall and straight as if brushed up with gel and will keep for days. The treatment consists of applying a gentle perm solution, neutralizing lotion and then a moisturizing treatment to temporarily relax and redirect your brows upwards.

This technique is referred to as lamination since after applying the perm solution and neutralizing lotion, the brow area is overlaid with plastic wrap to boost the chemical reaction. The resulting brows appear set in place, or laminated, once complete.

Because the hairs are relaxed, they appear longer, giving the effect of a larger brow shape. Hair becomes more pliable after lamination, making this great if you are looking for a “fluffy” brow without the need for a brow gel. It also works if your natural brow hairs are curly, unruly or point downwards.

Once the solutions have treated the brows, the lifted and laminated brows can be groomed by waxing and tweezing to perfection.

And although you may be tempted to try this at home, it does require the help of professional-grade ingredients so you’re better off leaving it to the pros, at least in the beginning so you know what to do.

Best of all, the treatment only takes about 20 minutes, not including additional waxing or tinting, but at the most you’re out of there in 45 minutes. The treatment generally lasts four to six weeks and can even last up to eight weeks, so it’s definitely worth the time if that’s the look you’re after without all the fuss every morning.

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