Ceiling Designs Create a Wow Factor

If you’re thinking your home décor needs a lift but you don’t want a complete overhaul — look up.

Your ceiling is waiting for attention and may be just what you need to brighten the look of the room.

If designing your dream home, don’t neglect the ceilings. Considered the fifth wall, the options are endless — some needing extensive work and some only minimal effort.

Glass and skylights

Light, light and more light — it’s never a bad idea. If you have the architectural structure for a glass ceiling, it can open the space and add oodles of natural light.

If converting the entire ceiling is a challenge, consider skylights. They can bring light into a room without altering the ceiling drastically. Use frosted or stained glass for an even more custom look.

Wood and beams

Wood ceilings add warmth, beauty and a unique look to your ceilings. Opt for natural, stained or painted wood finish if covering the entire ceiling. Consider board and batten, shiplap, tongue and groove and beadboard.

A wood beam ceiling is a stunning design adding texture and interest to any room with a raised or vaulted ceiling. Choose faux wood or new wood, but check for reclaimed wood to add even more character and history.


Another trend gaining attention in interior design is the use of ceiling tiles and mosaics. Cover the entire ceiling or choose specific areas. A tiled ceiling adds style and a contemporary appeal.


This design has a grid pattern of wood beams either stained, unfinished or painted with optional molding.

The contrast between the color and texture is what adds the drama. Usually square or rectangular, this ceiling is visually stunning and adds a sense of depth.


This design dramatically expands the proportions of a room using two symmetrically sloped sides and optional exposed trusses. These lead the eye upward, causing the room to look bigger.


Although standard ceilings are 8-feet, simply elevating the ceiling to 9 to 10 feet can dramatically change the look. The extra vertical space creates a sense of grandeur.

Ceiling roses

If you are looking to add elegance, this is it. Ceiling roses include floral swirls, leaves and even birds.

Originally designed to catch soot and heat marks from candles and gas lighting, they are now just a lovely way to accent a ceiling and add style.

Subtle contrast

If you already have a room full of interesting elements, that doesn’t mean your ceiling has to stay white. Even a light gray or pale blue ceiling can add dimension and interest. A subtle texturing also can add interest without changing the color.

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