Create the Most Inviting Guest Room

One of the great advantages of owning a beautiful home is sharing it with guests. And when it comes to decorating a guest room, comfort is key.

When decorating your guest rooms, consider the details you appreciate when traveling and incorporate them. Consider how long your guests usually stay and whether they tend to visit during certain seasons (skiing, summer).

Here are just a few tips from expert decorators and travelers.

Comfortable beds

Invest in a good mattress, mattress topper and soft, luxurious bedding to welcome sleepy travelers.

Use your space wisely

If you’re short on space, add a Murphy bed. The room can be used as an office, and used as a guest room when needed with a sophisticated and comfortable Murphy bed.


A bookcase adds personality to the room and offers guests a choice of reading material. It can also offer more space for their belongings in a small room.


Give your guests somewhere to sit and relax aside from the bed, along with good lighting. Many people work when away from home, so think about adding a desk.

TV and Wi-Fi

Although the TV shouldn’t dominate the room, it’s an expected amenity in most guest rooms. Make sure you add a note with the TV remote instructions and the Wi-Fi password.


Just because they aren’t visiting for long doesn’t mean they don’t need space. Clear out space in the closet, leave a few drawers empty and provide a luggage rack or small table for a suitcase. Even a small chair works in a pinch.


Even if you like waking up to the sun rise, chances are not all of your guests will agree. Add blackout curtains or shades in case your guests want an afternoon nap or wish to sleep in.

Fresh flowers

Finally, brighten the space with a few fresh flowers and snacks for your guests to make them feel welcome.

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