Furnish your Home with Quiet Luxury to Last a Lifetime

This year’s trend of quiet luxury is more than a trend, it’s about choosing high-quality pieces built to last, with classic lines and neutral colors.

It abhors clutter, adores tranquility and has much else in common with minimalism. What sets it apart, though, is putting greater emphasis on comfort and elegance, softening some of minimalism’s harder edges.

Choose effortlessly comfortable furniture

You’ll naturally put a premium on comfortable seating, as quiet luxury also does, but that doesn’t mean choosing overstuffed sofas and chairs or anything else that seems to be trying too hard to please.

Bulky, puffy profiles can overcrowd the room, and the filling they use typically doesn’t help our posture and back alignment either.

Shop around for couches, ottomans and chairs with clean lines and high-resiliency foam or another material that holds up under prolonged use.

In short, you’re looking for quality merchandise, something you’ll be using for a long time that might even outlast you.

These don’t come out of a box, and you don’t have to assemble them. They’re delivered in one piece, and you’ll be living with and hopefully loving them for decades, which is why classic, timeless styling is so important.

Embrace neutrality

The “quiet” in quiet luxury refers to several things including the lack of flashy labels in favor of subtler hints at quality and expense.

But one of the most important aspects when it comes to décor is creating a soothing, tranquil environment. These spa-like vibes can be generated with the use of neutral shades, especially beige, gray, taupe and off-white tempered with muted shades of nature-derived colors like blue and green.

This encourages relaxation and reflection, two gifts to be cherished in today’s hectic world.

Light it up

Sunlight is the energy-saving, life-giving source of illumination that should be maximized however you can do it, whether you’re adding mirrors or carving out new windows.

But there obviously comes a point after sunset when you can’t rely on it anymore, so you’ll also need a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting to provide safety and comfort throughout your dwelling. It can be difficult to achieve on your own so don’t shy away from enlisting a lighting designer’s help.

Buy less, feel better

It takes more forethought and money to purchase furniture that could become an heirloom, but its sustainability is more than worth it. You won’t have to cart it to the landfill in a few years and replace it!

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