Luxury Gifts your Man Will Never Forget

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, dad, son, ride-or-die friend, colleague or some random dude you just met, finding gifts that will resonate and be appreciated over time is always going to be a challenge, even if your budget isn’t too restrictive.

Here are gifts that’ll deliver great value for you and the recipient.

A hunk-a burnin’ love

The power of flame and heat are irresistible to men.

Combine them with musky, leathery, smoky and spicy aromas and you’ve got something any man would love to have on his desk or nightstand. Lux labels are producing more and more candles with notes of patchouli, cedar, neroli and even tobacco and cannabis.

If that’s too subtle for him just get a small tabletop fire pit he can bring to any indoor or outdoor occasion.

Health giving

Most men don’t slow down and take care of themselves as much as they should, so this is your chance to nudge them.

Shaving kits often squeeze in lotions and serums, acupressure mats and foam rollers decrease pain and an air purifier can capture pollutants before they’re inhaled and do harm.

If he never finds time for his workout, a state-of-the-art home fitness system will set him on the right path.

Killer gadgets

If you put a little thought into what the object of your affection is craving and would use more than once, your gift will avoid being thrown into the closet or regift pile.

If he’s a chef on the weekends, he (and everyone he cooks for) will love an indoor herb garden. If he’s always kvetching about cold coffee, find a temperature-controlled mug. A film fanatic really should have his own mini-projector, and audiophiles could always use another wireless speaker.

Experience this

Experiences are on the upswing with many people valuing them over “things.”

From the wildly popular (like racing cars or flying planes) to oddly perfect (rage rooms where you can smash everything in sight, dirt lots where you can excavate or bulldoze to your heart’s content), you can find someplace unforgettable to send your favorite guy out to play.

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