Refresh your Spiritual Health

If spirituality is important in your life, it may be time to give it a refresh.

Whether you attend services, practice meditation or just commune with nature, spiritual practices can mean a great deal to your mental health.

Too many times it becomes more important to focus on careers, family and the daily demands of life. Unfortunately, your spiritual health can get left behind. As you decide to look at revitalizing your skin routine, exercise practice or diet, add your spiritual health to the list.

Here are a few suggestions to help you hit the refresh button on your spiritual health and get back to feeling at peace and ready to take on the world.

Social media detox

There are many ways to ease into a social media detox. You don’t need to jump into it 100%, that may be too shocking for most of us. But look at your accounts and see what can be streamlined.

Let friends know that you’re taking a break, or better yet take some time to yourself and unplug. At least give yourself a set amount of time each day to scroll and stick to it. Then get outside and scroll through life instead.


Refresh your life through travel. It can have a wonderful effect on your spirit.

This could be in a local park or someplace you’ve always wanted to see. Make it exotic, or keep it simple and find a place in the mountains to chill.

The important thing is to get away and make time for yourself while seeing more of the world, meeting people and opening your spirit along the way.

Eat better

Revitalize your diet. This doesn’t mean go on a strict fad diet. Rather, it means be good to yourself.

Prepare organic, flavorful meals for you and your family, and take the time to eat slowly, talk and make it a spiritual experience. Or simply prepare a meal for yourself and practice mindful eating on your own.


Yes, simply dancing around your living room can be a spiritual practice. Dancing can release trapped energy and help you express your true self.

Start by playing some music you love, all by yourself, and simply letting yourself move. Be silly or serious — it’s your call and your spirit.


Journaling is a quick and easy spiritual practice you can take anywhere. You can become more mindful of your daily thoughts; writing them down helps you identify patterns. Try writing for at least five minutes every day.

If writing is not your game, let your spirit express itself through a journal by drawing, painting, creating a collage or using stickers. Anything to express your inner thoughts.

Practice breathwork

There are a variety of breathwork exercises, the most common are a simple rhythm of inhaling and exhaling rapidly without pause or the Pranayama exercise of alternative nostril breathing.

It may seem simple, but practicing breathwork with guidance can lead to nervous system healing and spiritual insights.

Find your own space

Create a dedicated space where you can think, meditate and relax. Maybe a meditation room all your own or simply an open corner will work.

Decorate with what you need to fill your soul. Add yoga mats, pillows, candles, music or incense. Find your mindful space and refresh your spirit your way, you deserve it.

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