Renew Yourself through Travel

by Valerie Demetros

Breaking away from your day-to-day existence is a necessity for anyone. And travel can revitalize your body and mind, taking you away from stress and responsibilities for just a little bit.

If this sounds like something you need, there are a few things you can do.

The No. 1 rule: Do not overschedule. You don’t want to come home more stressed than when you left. Travel is not a chore and shouldn’t feel like one.

Leave work at home (as much as possible). This is your time. Focus on yourself and renewed relationships. You can’t be truly present when you are constantly thinking about work.

Now is the time to catch up on those zzzzs. Take naps — yes, actual naps — and go to bed when you are tired. You aren’t missing anything, you’re on vacation. Sleep until you are rested.

Following this trend, be spontaneous. If you planned a museum visit but find a cultural festival instead, change your plans. Nobody says you have to rigidly adhere to any schedule. You’ll be more relaxed and renewed if you go with the flow.

Treat yourself to an entire day of spa treatments if it feels right. Wander through a botanical garden and breathe in the beauty.

While you’re at it, try something new. Ride that zipline or climb into a glider plane. At the very least, try the local cuisine and seek out cultural experiences.

And don’t let the mishaps get you down.

It happens to everyone. Be patient, even a flat tire or missed connections can offer the chance to see life with a different perspective. At the very least, it creates a great story to tell back home.

Discovering yourself can happen in the next state over or abroad. Your renewed peace of mind and happiness is the best souvenir of all.

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