Revamp and Recommit: Recharge your Workout for 2024

by Blake Herzog

It’s all too common for us to lose some footing on our fitness routine toward the end of the year. It’s usually related to all the familial and social obligations that come with it, but it can also be due to it becoming stale or unexciting.

If you’re struggling to find time or feign enthusiasm for your daily 3-mile run or 45-minute Zumba video, it’s probably time to shake things up!

Here are some strategies to get things back on track.

Find your real ‘why’

We’re encouraged to set concrete goals in terms of weight lost, target heart rate or any number of other data points without, perhaps, enough focus on how you want to feel or what you want to accomplish.

Knowing you’re doing it to ward off current or future chronic illness, be able to keep up with the rest of your family or to boost your mental health (or all of these) will help you maintain your enthusiasm for working out.

When you feel as if you have too much else on your plate, your enthusiasm is waning or you aren’t meeting your goals as fast as you think you should be, this will be what keeps you going.

Try a 30-day challenge

If you’ve been stuck in a rut or focusing on long-term goals that may not feel attainable, it’s time to build a short-term challenge into your routine.

Find one that focuses on something you’ve been wanting to address for a while (like abs, for instance) or a type of move that’s different from but complementary to the workout you’re already doing.

Make this your “non-negotiable” exercise, the activity you’ll find time for every day no matter what, and see how much of that motivation spills over to the rest of your routine.

Most challenges focus on participation instead of hitting a specific number, so they keep you focused on the intangible joys of movement and exercise.

Think of what would be fun

If you just don’t enjoy your workouts anymore it’s probably time to come up with something else. This could call for some soul searching, especially if you used to love doing that 3-mile run.

A different route may be all that it takes to put that spring back in your step. If it’s not that simple, go back to what you used to love doing as a kid and find a way to replicate it as closely as you can.

You also can talk to your friends about what else they’ve tried and loved to get some ideas.

Plant the seeds for workout success

Focusing too much on the workout without warming up, cooling down and recovery may be what’s causing your fatigue and dissatisfaction.

Make time for all of these, even if you need to slightly shorten the actual workout. They help protect you from injuries that could force you to stop exercising, regardless of your motivation.

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