Smarten Up your Bathroom

At a time when convenience is key, homeowners are continuously looking for ways to make their lives easier.

One way is through smart bathroom tech, which easily controls lighting, shower pressure and even flushing the toilet.

Let’s look at a few of the most up-to-the-minute smart bathroom features you need for ultimate intelligent modern luxury.

Smart toilet

One of the most popular smart bathroom features, and who can argue, is the smart toilet.

These include heated seats, adjustable water temperature, bidet, air drying and deodorizing functions. Some have automatic lids, automatic flush and a water sensor to save money and resources.

The most impressive feature — it’s self-cleaning, making it worth every penny.

Smart mirror

Integrated with touchscreens, LED lighting and built-in speakers, they even provide current news and local weather. As you start your day, view your calendar and get traffic updates.

Because many smart bathroom systems work together, your smart mirror can be the control panel for your smart toilet, shower system and more. And best of all, use your voice if your hands are wet.

Smart shower

For the ultimate luxury, use a smart shower and pre-set the water temperature and waterflow settings to your personal preferences. Using voice control, change things up mid-shower completely hands free.

For the fun of it, change up the lighting colors and brightness as well.

Many smart shower systems save on average 3% and up to even 50% of your monthly water usage, making it a plus in the desert portions of the state.

Heated floors

You haven’t felt the luxury of a smart bathroom until you’ve stepped out of the shower onto a heated floor. Radiant floor heating uses thermal radiation to generate heat.

Finally, don’t forget warming drawers or racks for your towels and cooled cabinets for your face creams and medication.

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