Build a Quiet Luxury Wardrobe

Wealth and success are frequently indicated by flashiness, even back in ancient times. Your status was determined by the number of jewels you wore or these days by how many logos you wear.

Lately, prestige dressing is being hidden in plain sight. Quiet luxury is all about neutrals and classics elevated with upscale fabrics and flawless tailoring.

The style relies on wearing classic investment pieces that don’t go out of style. Quiet luxury isn’t flashy, but instead takes a less-is-more approach focusing on design, construction and wearability.

Of course, trendy and flashy logos don’t need to be kicked to the curb. Just wear them minimally and with thought. A handbag with a logo works with an understated luxury outfit much better than a flashy logo-filled ensemble.

To help build a quiet luxury wardrobe, let’s start with a few classic pieces worthy of investment.

Classic Blazer

Choose something quintessentially preppy or a solid basic. A good linen-blend blazer can top an outfit with simplicity yet sophistication. J. Crew makes a classic blazer perfect for your new wardrobe. Pair it with a structured slack or a mini skirt.

Sleeveless Midi Dress

Perfect for an event or a night on the town, choose a dress with style that can be dressed up or down as the day progresses. Add a blazer, cashmere wrap or trench coat to this versatile staple in your wardrobe. Victoria Beckham’s Two-Way Zip Sheath Midi Dress is a crisp and elegant dress with a classic fit.

Tailored Pants

For most occasions, well-fitting slacks look better than sweats or leggings. You can find designer classic slacks just about anywhere, just be sure and choose high-quality fabrics. And don’t be afraid to have them tailored to fit. Giorgio Armani’s Tailored Straight-Leg Pants are a good start.

Flat Sandals

Choose a minimalist pair that work with everything from pencil skirts to shorts. Try Massimo Dutti’s Buckled Cage sandal for a timeless look to wear for years.

Ballet Flat

Find a pair of ballet flats without flashy logos, like Christian Louboutin’s or Tori Burch’s, and pair them with a denim skirt and sundress for a casual look or tailored slacks for an ageless silhouette.

Tank Shirt

Find a tank top that is tasteful and enduring in a knit or cashmere for a touch of elegance. Top Nili Lotan’s cashmere tank with a pair of low-slung trousers and ballet flats for a casual, sophisticated appearance.

Cashmere Sweater

For a definitive look that never goes out of style with a subtle, luxurious feel, you can’t go wrong with a touch of cashmere. Choose a traditional crewneck or a modern style with a pop of color like magenta or cinnamon.

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