Find Honeymoon Luxury off the Beaten Path

If you’re planning your first, second or umpteenth honeymoon, you may be dreaming of a place not overridden by tourists but still has fascinating sightseeing and high-end, service-centered hotels and resorts to make you and your beloved feel like you’ve died and gone to hospitality heaven.

You might assume that isn’t a realistic possibility until you investigate locations like these, only to realize that sometimes you really can have it all:


This is the least-visited of the Caribbean island nations, largely because its volcanic origins didn’t leave much room for sandy white beaches.

But it’s been coming into its own as a hub for ecotourism, branding itself as the “Nature Isle.” The Waitukubuli National Trail weaves through 115 miles of virgin rain forest, and numerous hot springs bubble inland and even on the shore

Beautiful and innovative hotels like Jungle Bay in Soufriere and the Cabrits Resort and Spa in Portsmouth can be your sweet, luxe home base.


The island’s rich terrain and wildlife inspired a series of kids’ movies, and it’s just as thrilling for grownups.

The rainforests depicted in the animated films are in reality just part of the story, as Madagascar also boasts highlands, deserts and savannah. Eighty-five percent of the flora and fauna here are found nowhere else on earth, so the two of you will truly be in a world of your own.

Miavana by Time + Tide is an ultra-posh resort on an island just off the coast and reached by helicopter. It offers luxury suites, multiple dining options, a wine cellar, boutique and activities including scuba diving, fishing, kiteboarding, ocean safaris and lemur trekking.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

This island is lesser-known than nearby Bora Bora but just as special, with the scent of vanilla, one of its major exports, wafting over the crystal clear turquoise lagoon.

The lagoon is perfect for scuba and snorkeling; you can see up to 40 meters deep from the surface. Trails wind through the island’s luxuriant vegetation, and you can visit sandy white beaches and brilliant coral reefs on the motu, or tiny islets, just off the coast.

Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts offers peak luxury whether you choose an expansive overwater bungalow or a beachside villa.


This Central European nation sandwiched between Austria, Croatia and Italy has ravishing snow-capped mountains, verdant fields and dozens of castles dotting this landscape.

It’s an up-and-comer on the tourism scene that just scored its first three-star Michelin restaurant, Hisa Franko, but isn’t yet drowning in visitors, so catch it while you can!

Sunrose 7, on the shore of Lake Bohinj, is a 130-year-old heritage hotel reimagined as a digital detox retreat where you can truly devote yourselves to each other and the world around you, or you can glamp in the lodges at Chocolate Village by the River near Maribor for chocolate massage, breakfasts and general drowning in sweetness.

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