Fireplace Upgrades to Light up your Décor

Fireplaces, whether contemporary, bold or traditional, tend to be the focal point of a living room, bedroom or even outdoor patio.

If your fireplace lacks that heart-and-soul vibe, it may be time to upgrade. Of course, fireplaces and mantels are excellent candidates for seasonal décor changes that give them a fresh look throughout the year, but what if that no longer helps?

If you’re not ready to renovate your existing fireplace, consider changing the mantel. Add a live-edge wood mantel for a fresh look or a stainless-steel mantel for a contemporary feel.

For a quick change to a wood or brick fireplace, you’d be surprised what a difference color makes. Paint the fireplace and mantel the same shade as the walls for a seamless cozy feel.

If your fireplace is more decor than functional, add a casual stack of books, candles, plants and even sculptures. Add a fireplace screen if your décor can handle it.

But if you’re planning a larger remodel, here are a few ideas:

Mid-century cone

If your home is mid-century, a modern cone fireplace can be just the ticket. It’s graceful yet fun and comes in different colors to fit your style. Place it against a painted wall for a pop of color and warmth, and since it’s freestanding, accessorize around it.

Reclaim style

In the realm of “reduce, reuse and recycle,” find a period-perfect mantel to give the room a sense of style and history. Find them online, in salvage yards and surplus auctions. Although they may need some TLC, it’s worth it for the one-of-a-kind vibe it adds.

Play with marbles

For the wow factor, think about a marble fireplace. A dark marble against a light wall, or the opposite, can lend a sense of contemporary flair. Add modern furniture or vintage chairs for distinctive charm.

Raise the roof

Sometimes all it takes is raising the fireplace façade to the ceiling to upgrade from “just fine” to “no-nonsense gorgeous.” Since it’s up front, design with the style of the room in mind. And while you’re at it, bring one side to an angle for an asymmetrical look that grabs the spotlight.

Modern steel

For the height of industrial and chic, consider cladding the exterior in stainless steel panels up to the ceiling. Add doors to reveal a TV.

Add reflection

Add mirrors to the façade. These can open a room and reflect light and color. An added benefit — they make a room seem larger.

Surround with style

It may just be that your fireplace is fine, it’s just the surrounding area that needs a facelift. Add built-in bookcases or shelves and upgrade these shelves with natural wood or metal.

Modern flair

For a fully modern look, designers still love the low-slung gas fireplaces filled with glass, available in beautiful shades of blue, black, clear and more.

Additional fillers range from glass beads and large boulders to logs and metal balls resembling cannonballs. For a contemporary look, add large quartz crystal fireplace logs that reflect the glow of the flame.

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