Get Thee to a Luxury Digital Detox Retreat, Pronto!

We all are unduly tied to our phones, but the end-of-year holidays might be the worst time of all. We coordinated plans for festive get-togethers and took tons of photos. We did our last-minute online shopping; checked flight schedules; and coordinated gift-giving with friends and relatives.

This makes the first quarter of 2024 an especially perfect time to plan our escape to a luxury digital detox retreat to regain the upper hand in our relationship to screens:

Loire Valley Lodges — Esvres, France

Treehouses perched 13 feet above the ground give guests a literal bird’s-eye view of 740 acres of tranquil woodland, equipped with a Jacuzzi and terrace.

Televisions and Wi-Fi are nowhere to be found, and phones are replaced by radios that put you in contact with the staff.

There are more than enough activities and spa treatments to keep you happily occupied in their absence — swim or relax by the 65-foot pool or have a sound bath or massage delivered to your “nest.”

Pine Cliffs Resort — Albufeira, Portugal

This beloved wellness escape sits on a spectacular beach in Algarve, which stretches across the southern tip of Portugal underneath those spectacular cliffs.

It offers a three-day digital detox package for which the staff will stand guard over your phone so you can relish 72 hours of in-person pampering, complete with crystal facials, ayurvedic massage, nutritious food and plenty of hot tub relaxation so you can reconnect with yourself, others and nature.

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Baja California

This iconic retreat’s location just south of the border makes it convenient to Northern Arizona as well as for Hollywood celebs. The “ranch’s” 4,000 acres of wildlands, gardens, casitas, gyms, pools and spas will keep you busy and socialized enough to forget where or what your phone is.

Cellphone use is prohibited in public areas; each guest is given a “sleeping bag” for their device upon arrival. Wi-Fi is made scarce to encourage guests to cut the invisible cord and explore this paradise-like version of the real world.

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