High-End Oral Care Boosts Health and Comfort

Visits to the dentist’s office border on the nightmarish for some people with all the scraping and drilling, and oral care at home feels tedious at best.

But using the high-end, low-stress home products on the luxury market can make those dental appointments much less tortuous, free of the needles, root canals and tooth-pulling that make them so dreadful.

Consistent self-care for your teeth is about much more than making those six-month and annual dental appointments easier to get through — it directly affects your overall health by halting bacteria and other infectious agents that could spread throughout your body and cause inflammation in the gums.

These are suspected of contributing to heart and lung infections and disease, diabetes complications, birth defects and other maladies.

Some products you should consider investing in are:

Smart toothbrushes

Most low- to mid-range electric toothbrushes have some features that paves the way to proper dental care, including timers that keep you brushing for the recommended two minutes and sensors that alert you when you are using too much pressure on the brush.

These are important reminders to have, but the most advanced models do much more for you.

Many are connected to apps that can give you feedback after or even while you brush, nudging you to spend more time on problematic areas of your mouth, get tutorials on how to care for your teeth more effectively and even earn points for good dental care that can be redeemed on related products and retail partners.

The ultra-connected ones can send info straight to your dentist and help you make appointments.

Interdental brushes and water flossers

Compliance with the guidelines offered by experts to brush twice a day are pretty widely followed, but flossing at least once a day is a different story. Several studies put the number at around 30%.

Newer, sleeker products have been coming online to make flossing more convenient and enjoyable.

Smaller interdental brush attachments are available for electric and rechargeable toothbrushes, and water flossers send out a powerful stream of liquid that dislodges debris from in between teeth.

Now there’s even a dental “shower” that attaches to your showerhead.

Advances in teeth whitening

Tooth-whitening paste and strips are available everywhere dental care products are sold, but many consumers are demanding more effective treatments that get their pearly whites blindingly so while improving dental health.

LED lights are now being included with home kits to make the process more efficient at home, though the most effective LED treatment will come from your dentist’s office.

Natural ingredients

Not all high-end tooth care is tied to tech.

More people are seeking plant- and earth-based ingredients for their dental care with products like charcoal powder for tooth whitening, baking soda for removing stains and harmful acids, and coconut oil, which may be effective at reducing plaque and preventing gingivitis.

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