Mani/Pedi are Good for your Soul and Sole

Consider the mani/pedi. What may seem like an indulgence really is part of good health maintenance inside and out.

Women want to look beautiful and men well-groomed, and both want to feel good. Manicures and/or pedicures help with:

Skin care

The skin on our overworked hands and feet needs to be properly exfoliated to remove all dirt and grime and moisturized for softness and hydration.

Blood flow

The foot massages that come with these treatments help improve blood circulation. They can reduce pain and help our bodies distribute heat during cold weather.

Weight distribution

Pedicures help level out the surface of your feet and allow your weight to be distributed more evenly, which aids in good posture.


These can be painful; a nail technician can remove them.


The act alone of getting a mani and/or pedi means you are taking time out of your day to do something for you. Taking breaks promotes productivity.


During this time you must put your phone down, at least for the manicure.


Choosing colors, designs, length and shape shows off your style and personality; shaking hands becomes a pleasure.


You are showing the world that you matter. And the compliments you’ll get are a bonus.

As with all endeavors, though, be wise. Avoid nail salons where:

  • Nail technicians don’t have the necessary experience and/or license, if required.
  • Stations aren’t clean.
  • Nail technicians aren’t washing their hands between clients.
  • Dirty tools are lying around (if you get a lot of mani/pedis consider bringing your own tools).
  • Pedicure foot-baths and filters aren’t thoroughly disinfected between uses.

Be careful.

You don’t want a rough technician clipping nails, cutting cuticles and filing your nails causing lesions that could get infected. You don’t want to shave your legs ahead of time to avoid any bacteria from a footbath finding its way into a wound.

Reconsider using a UV light dryer, which comes with the possibility of causing skin cancer and aging your skin.

Remember, it’s not just pampering, it’s wellness!

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