Monthly Spa Treatments Promote Wellness

Self-care is essential, so why is it so many people think regular spa treatments are a luxury and not a necessity?

Facials, massages, manicures, pedicures or any service that helps us feel better is somehow seen as something for special occasions, pampering, vacations or recovering from an illness.

Some people even feel guilty admitting they get regular spa treatments. As if getting massages or regular facials is over-indulgent and excessive. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Monthly treatments should be a part of your overall wellness plan. Self-care is vital to your mental and physical health and comes in many forms. Whether that’s acupressure or massage.

Treatments like a monthly massage work together with a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and regular exercise. And if you are dealing with a chronic illness, regular massage and treatments can make a world of difference in your ability to live an active life.

If you’re workouts are intense at the gym, regular treatments can keep you in top form and prevent injury. Massages and acupuncture can help to keep your muscles in shape and ready to perform. Many athletes swear by cupping as a way to pull toxins out and clean their systems.

To alleviate stress and be the best version of yourself, you need to make time to de-stress.

With spa treatments, you receive the power of touch from a therapist or esthetician. And just the transfer of energy can be enough to make a difference.

One study found that therapeutic touch had a direct effect on the brain, that oxytocin levels increased, heart rate dropped and a sense of trust and confidence increased.

If you have trouble sleeping, monthly massage and facials may be just what you need.

Sleep comes easier when you’re relaxed and your body doesn’t hurt — two benefits that massages and spa days provide. And when you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed and can be more productive.

Studies show that spa treatments like massages can decrease your body’s cortisol levels by an average of 31% while serotonin levels increase by 28%. Serotonin can help stabilize moods. This also promotes healthier sleep patterns.

The bottom line is that spa days force you to be more present, to be good to yourself.

By taking care of yourself and being pampered, you’re now in a better position to view issues with a healthier attitude — you’ll feel refreshed and positive, and that can’t be a bad thing.

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