Pair Luxury & Fitness at These Great Escapes

Nothing sets you up for success quite like building your physical and mental strength. It gives you energy and stamina, builds your brainpower and keeps chronic illnesses that could sideline your goals at bay.

Why not go to a luxury resort that sets you up for that success?

Check out these top-tier fitness destinations to fire up your heart rate, strengthen your core, sculpt your muscles and then recuperate with excellent food and hospitality.

Canyon Ranch — Tucson

One of the first entrants into what became the wellness travel industry, Canyon Ranch saw its potential from the Sonoran Desert and grew to include locations in Las Vegas, Woodside, California and Lenox, Massachusetts.

Its focus on holistic wellness and fitness includes customized itineraries that can include rock climbing, pickleball, tennis, cycling, hiking, cardio circuits and many more active pursuits.

SHA Wellness Clinic — Alicante, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic is known for its integrative and wellness-focused approach. It offers a comprehensive range of treatments and programs focused on detox, nutrition, fitness and relaxation.

First-time guests choose from one of five programs offered to reach different sets of goals that incorporate individual sessions with a fitness trainer and/or group classes. There is a second location in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Chiva-Som — Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva-Som offers guests fitness and wellness programs in a tranquil seaside setting. Personalized fitness sessions are held in a dance studio, Pilates studio, tai chi pavilion, yoga salas and a gym with state-of-the-art cardio and strength-training equipment.

A fitness testing room provides accurate assessments of your physical condition, and a re-functional studio combines physiotherapy and fitness to promote optimal health. A second location just opened in Qatar.

Ananda in the Himalayas — Rishikesh, India

Ananda offers a blend of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and fitness programs in a rugged yet serene Himalayan setting.

The Active Fitness program integrates the best of indoor fitness workouts with such outdoor activities as personal fitness training, guided outdoor treks, yoga, aquatic fitness and therapeutic spa experiences to enhance muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.

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