‘Sandwich’ your Outfits for Surefire Success

If you’re always trying to style yourself for a fashion triumph but feel like you aren’t quite hitting the mark, consider “sandwich dressing.”

Its only relation to the everyday diet staple is in its construction — two similar items on the top and bottom with something else in the middle as the “meat.” This imposes a sense of balance and cohesion in your overall look.

There are multiple dimensions you can work with on your way to assembling the perfect outfit, but we’ll focus on the two most common.

Before you know it you’ll be pulling it off on two levels at the same time!


This is the simplest way to sandwich, and you may already be doing this subconsciously by pairing a crisp white shirt and gleaming white sneakers with purple slacks, or a gray sweater and silvery heels with a denim skirt.

If you’re a monochromatic girl or guy, think in terms of a neat belt to separate and reunify the upper and lower pieces of your figure.

The contrast doesn’t have to be huge — if you prefer to stick to pale hues, you can still match pale blue shoes and shirt with khakis for an easy win. Dark clothes are trickier because the difference between colors isn’t as obvious, but as you’ll see there are other dimensions you can use to pull everything together.


Taking note of the size and weight of what you’re wearing is just as, if not more, important than color. It becomes more of an issue in winter as we wrap ourselves up in cozy coats and sweaters.

A heavy jacket or slouchy sweater can make you look top-heavy when thrown over skinny jeans and modest flats, so choose a pair of chunky boots instead, whether they’re edgy moto boots or sexy knee-highs.

This works the same in reverse.

If you’re ready to wear your favorite wide-leg trousers for some flowy fun, try them with a close-fitting sweater or blouse and a pair of ballet flats. You’ll be chic even if you need to wear a heavy coat outside.

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