Texture Brings Life to Any Space

Texture is an essential but often unexplored dimension of interior design. It enhances the tactile experience of a room and is just as important for adding visual interest to every setting.

Texture is what makes a room appear cozy and inviting or sleek and exciting. The lack of it will leave it flat and “meh.” Texture, more than any other aspect of design, is what connotes and delivers luxury.

Shaping perceptions

Texture is a powerful tool for sculpting how people feel about a room, from sight alone before even being able to walk in and enjoy sitting on a plush velvet couch or walking across an exquisite wool rug.

The visual is enough to build your anticipation and draw your focus, and your feet, into the space. Soon you are enveloped by delightful sights and sensations that assure you that you’re in a world of opulence.

Finding balance

Contrast is what brings excitement to a room, but it’s easy to overdo it with any element of design, including texture.

You don’t need or want to try to unite every texture under the sun, no matter how large the space you’re working with is.

Try highlighting a couple of high intensity textures, such as stone, marble, steel or brass and surrounding them with more subtle and natural surfaces like wood, cotton, sisal and yarn.

A lighting touch

There’s nothing tactile about lighting, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to create and emphasize texture in interior design.

Depending on its intensity, light creates shadows and illuminates detail and shifts over the course of the day, depending on the use of natural and artificial light. It becomes even more effective when it’s coming from a dramatic fixture, such as a table or pendant lamp with a textured shade or a chandelier with crystal tiles or bubbles.

Finish it up

Don’t neglect thinking about the kinds of finish used on your interior surfaces — they have as much impact on the final result as the objects themselves. Choose your wall paint finishes carefully because they set the tone for the entire room.

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