3D Manicures Send your Style to the Stratosphere

Getting a fantastic manicure is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, which is why so many of us do it.

With so many people showing off their nails embellished by talented, creative nail technicians it can be hard for yours to stand out, which is why 3D manicures are getting more elaborate and sensational.

It started out with press-on crystals, rhinestones and other charms and has expanded to tiny versions of just about any decoration you can think of — buckles, bows, stones, sea glass and flowers. Then there’s sculpted effects accomplished just with gel polish recreating the textures of seashells, marble, ridges, water droplets and swirls of frosting, for starters.

Luxe designs can include delicate “cuffs” rimming along your cuticles, gold accents oozing down your nails, intricate gold or silver grids, gold butterflies atop a bed of slivery glitter, reflective chrome polish magnifying Swarovski crystals and even acrylic nails with spellbinding cutouts that will keep everyone staring.

They can look cute, glamorous, ethereal, gothic, galactic, spooky, feral, regal, whatever impression you want to give.

Stacking the deck

The 3D components can be added via prepared press-ons to natural or acrylic nails or built directly on the nails, allowing more creativity and customization.

When selecting a salon you should make sure it checks all the fundamental boxes in terms of cleanliness and good references, but also ask for examples of 3D manicures they have done so you can assess their competence and creativity.

Your tech likely will show you photos for inspiration rather than color swatches as you discuss your favorite styles, colors and the direction you want your manicure to go. Go into as much detail as you can, or if you trust the artist you’re working with you can let them take the lead on creating a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind landscape across your fingertips.

If you wear rings, consider whether the design could interfere with taking them off.

You can expect these manicures to last two to three weeks, depending how you take care of it. Keep your hands moisturized, wear gloves when doing chores and use soap instead of hand sanitizer. And leave removal to the pros.

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