Incorporate Global Home Design to Reflect your Adventures

If traveling is your passion, you probably pick up souvenirs along the way. Since interior design is now trending toward a global influence, why not include your travels into your own global design style?

Global design is merely an interior decorating style inspired by cultures from around the world. It mixes patterns, textures and objects to reflect the places you love. It helps you remember places you have visited or even lived, and honors cultures you admire.

This type of design is interpretive and dependent on each person’s experience, taste and style. There are no strict rules. Instead, it focuses on your own experiences and style.

There are a few common elements found in global design. One is patterns.

Whether it’s Asian florals, Maori designs or African batiks, don’t be afraid to mix. Not only can you build a personal style, but you will be combining different cultures in a beautiful fashion.

Incorporate color — deep, vibrant hues can represent Middle Eastern or Asian aesthetics. Jewel tones or a palette of brown and tans can represent your travels to India or even an African safari.

And while choosing colors, play with textures. Rattan adds warmth and a tropical feel. Look for accents with a three-dimensional appeal like jute rugs, woven baskets or silk fabrics for a variety of textures.

Antiques are perfect for adding style and a global influence. From mid-century modern to neoclassical styles, they can add pops of color and style or old-world charm.

It’s also important to display treasures from your adventures. Replicas work as well as originals. Wooden masks, carvings, silk tapestries or sculptures can all be conversation pieces as well as reflecting your style. Choose throw pillows or textiles that bring culture to your home, not just color.

Most importantly, this is your home. Let your global style tell a story. Focus less on textbook design and more on cultures that inspire you and represent your adventures.

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