Let your Fitness Journey Soar in these Primo Spots

Choosing a luxury fitness retreat can mean long-lasting health results as well as enjoying jaw-dropping destinations immersed in natural beauty.

Perhaps an adventure fitness holiday in lush forests with personalized fitness sessions and luxury spa treatments is all you need to kick-start or proceed on your health journey.

Chablé Maroma, Mexico

For a fitness retreat close to home, but just far enough away, Chablé Maroma offers a luxury hotel with world-class fitness programs. The retreat offers 70 villas with personal pools and spectacular views.

Nature is a central focus here as you take a yoga class on the beach, as well as enjoy a picture-perfect spa and chef-prepared meals.

Como Shambhala, Bali

If you’re craving a tropical getaway, head to Bali’s Capella Ubud with its luxury tented suites. The eco-friendly resort offers fitness classes, LIIT (low-intensity interval training), white-water rafting and even hikes around the island.

The resort offers specials frequently.

Bath, England

If the countryside is more your speed, head to England to The Gainsborough Bath Spa in Bath. The Gainsborough is the only hotel where you can experience Bath’s natural thermal waters. Experience the ancient practice of social bathing in Bath’s thermal waters as well as personalized facial treatments using the natural minerals of healing waters.

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Built around the ancient Tamina Gorge in the 200-year-old spa town of Bad Ragaz, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz boasts an incredible backdrop of Swiss lakes and mountains where you’ll hike, play tennis, mountain bike through vineyards and end the day in their world-renowned thermal baths.

The resort offers a bespoke Boost Your Power fitness retreat, with individual training sessions with a physiotherapist, tailored nutritional advice, thalassotherapy and a training plan.

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