Look to the Streets to Fashion your Wardrobe

by Blake Herzog

Fashion meccas like Paris, Milan and New York explode with designers’ creativity and trendsetting power during the Fashion Weeks intended to plot out what the rest of us will be wearing months in advance.

But “street style,” or eye-catching ensembles worn by the people attending those events as well as in fashionable neighborhoods any day of the year, gets almost as much coverage.

Whether worn by celebs or lesser-known fashionistas, these outfits showcase individual style and tend to be more accessible and practical than what’s seen on the runways.

Photographers and other observers are able to distill new trends from street style. Here are a few worth incorporating into your wardrobe:

Accessorize big

Don’t shy away from statement jewelry, smartly designed hats, conversation-piece boots, wide headbands and ample purses. From New York’s Upper East Side to Beverly Hills ladies are living large.

Monochrome magic

Opt for monochromatic outfits for a sleek and polished aesthetic. Whether it’s an all-black ensemble, a head-to-toe neutral look or features one print dominated by the color being showcased, monochrome outfits are effortlessly stylish and easy to put together.

Girly tweed jackets

Preppy is a vibe showing up on many trend lists for 2024, and this is manifesting in the cropped tweed blazers turning up on the sidewalks outside many fashion shows. Chic whether they’re solid or patterned, they can go with nearly anything in your closet.


The clock is kind of ticking for big full coats as winter melts into spring, but smaller fur jackets and wraps are showing up almost everywhere you look, and they still work great for cool nights.

Fuzzy Russian- and bucket-style hats are having their moment, and a lot of furry trim on everything from bags to sandals should show up in the near future.

Here, kitty, kitty

If stilettos don’t agree with your feet or sensibility anymore — but you’re not ready to go full-on flats — the answer is stalking you on sidewalks and in stores wherever you go. Kitten heels both classic and mod give you that confident click without forcing your feet into a Barbie-style tiptoe.

Mixing high and low

The fashion-forward have perfected mixing high-end and affordable pieces to create a balanced and eclectic look. Pairing designer jeans with an unbranded sweater, or the other way around, creates a fashion-forward ensemble that reflects your style.

Yes to slouch

Slouchy jeans and pants are still being worn by tons of models and influencers who clearly don’t have anything they need to hide. Rhianna, Hailey Bieber and street stylers galore gravitated to wide-leg and generously cut jeans of all colors and stripes, as well as corduroy trousers.

Usually, these were topped by form-fitting sweaters or blouses and a longline coat.

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