Patience Pays Off When Creating a Bespoke Fragrance

Creating your own bespoke fragrance is an ideal way to solidify your identity and cement your place in the memories of the people you meet.

The process of designing a signature scent, whether it’s a DIY project or you work with a consultant at a perfumery, is typically a long process of deep research into dozens or even hundreds of aromas from which to choose top, middle and base notes.

It requires a combination of artistry, knowledge of fragrances and a keen sense of smell, which still can’t be translated into online research. It’s far from cheap, too.

This investment of your time and money will reward you with the ultimate luxury — an exclusive fragrance customized to your body and personality.

Here’s an action plan for creating your own fragrance formula.

Question everything

If you’re working with a consultant the first thing you’ll probably get is a questionnaire that drills down into your scent preferences and the memories that helped form them, ingredients you’re drawn to, preferences in areas as varied as music and literature and the ultimate image you want to project.

Do the same kind of soul-searching if you’re doing this on your own.

Your nose will know

The answers you give to the above questions can guide you as you sniff yourself through the endless possibilities of scents, their combinations and how they respond to skin and body chemistry. Work with your consultant to explore fragrance families and established fragrances to find what rings true to you.

If you’re on the DIY path, go to shops and department stores to sample as many fragrances as you can whether they’re individual essential oils (in carrier oils) or complete fragrances. You may need to fill in the gaps by ordering other samples online.

Don’t rush it

Once you start trying different combinations, don’t rush to judgement no matter how much you love what you’re smelling. Give yourself time to observe and absorb how it interacts with different environments and what kind of compliments you get. It can take two or more years to settle upon a final product.

You’ll have a fragrance as individualized to you as your fingerprints. It’s worth the effort.

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