Art Takes on New Dimension with Statement Rugs

If you want to add more art and design sophistication to your home, consider some of the surfaces you may have overlooked— especially the one underfoot.

Statement rugs with vibrant color, arresting textures and meaningful motifs will give your interior new depth and aesthetic interest.

Define your Style

Determine the style and theme of your home. Whether it’s modern, traditional, eclectic or minimalist, your rug should harmonize with the existing décor unless you’re going to be transforming it.

Look for artisanal detailing to elevate colors and themes that mesh with the rhythms already present in your space.

Choose High-Quality Materials

Shop for rugs made from materials like wool, silk, bamboo silk or high-quality synthetic fibers that strike a balance between elegance and durability. The list of fibers — and even metallic threads and inserts — found in luxury rugs is endless.

Wool tends to be a go-to material, by itself or blended with silk or other high-end, opulent treads. Leather and other animal skins bring a different tone to luxury.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Rugs with bold, eye-catching patterns make a statement. Geometric designs, abstract motifs and intricate florals add drama and sophistication. Vibrant and rich colors (including black and white) inject new energy and personality.

Determine whether you prefer jewel tones, earthy hues or playful pastels and go for colors that complement your existing decor while making a bold statement.

Layering and Contrast

If you’re having difficulty settling on a single statement rug you can experiment with layering rugs to create contrast and visual impact.

Pair a bold, patterned rug with a solid-colored or neutral rug for a dynamic and layered look that draws attention to the focal point. Building contrast through texture is another tool, but make sure they’re still complementary.

Mix Textures

Single rugs can also incorporate a mix of textures and materials to create visual interest and depth. For example, a rug with a combination of wool, silk or viscose fibers can add luxurious texture and sheen to your space.

A large area rug with distinct textures within its surface can even delineate areas within the room, for example, a dining space versus entertainment.

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