Benefits of Choosing a Holistic Spa vs Med Spa

If you’re looking to improve your health, appearance or even stress levels, your journey may lead you to considering spa services.

But choosing between traditional medical spa services or holistic spa services can get confusing.


The primary advantage of holistic spa services is that the overall goal is to heal the whole person, body and mind, with natural elements. Holistic spa services offer therapies that are chemical-free and aim for treatment of the entire body.

Holistic therapies target all aspects of a patient’s well-being, and by treating the entire system, the isolated issues are addressed, as well as others throughout the body. Treatments include facials, alternative treatments, reiki, oxygen therapy and reflexology.

And although these treatments are aimed at your entire body, specific concerns also are addressed like acne, dry skin or rosacea. Nutrition, fitness and alternative treatments can also be part of holistic spa visits.

After receiving holistic spa treatments, you will leave with a deeper understanding of how to care for your skin and continue to keep yourself in the best shape it can be.


Medical spas address prominent cosmetic concerns with medical professionals trained to perform specialized procedures using medical-grade products. Since these spas include medical supervision, med spas can incorporate procedures, therapies and tools like laser therapies, injectable fillers, muscle-relaxing wrinkle smoothers, cell freezing, advanced facials and chemical peels.

Med spas also focus on deep-seated issues like deep wrinkles, acne scarring, age spots, intensive discoloration, loose skin and the full range of age-related skin changes. Medical spas can also use medical-grade treatments to address additional issues like weight gain and unwanted hair.

Medical spas have the ability to offer fat-freezing treatments and vaginal rejuvenation in some cases, which are not available at a holistic spa.

Your best bet is to decide just what services you are looking for and your ultimate goals. Are you looking for a natural approach or is a medical approach something that calls to you? It is possible to find spas that specialize in both medical and holistic approaches, offering the best of both worlds.

Either way, do your research and make an informed decision. And remember you can always change your mind and try either or both traditions for your inner and outer confidence and beauty.

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