LL High Tech

Bring High Tech into your Interior Design

by Valerie Demetros

You work hard to make your home a reflection of your personal style choosing just the right furniture, paint and flooring. Speakers, displays and high-tech components need to blend in and not stand out like a college dorm filled with tangles of wires.

Luckily, there are tons of solutions to make speakers, displays and control components blend and disappear into walls, furniture and more.

If possible, plan ahead. If you’re designing a new space or renovating, plan your tech integration up front. This allows for hidden wiring and built-in tech solutions.

Then, be sure to choose your tech wisely. Opt for sleek, minimalist devices that won’t disrupt your aesthetic. If you need to, consult with a professional.

If possible, install your TV with the wires behind the wall for a clean and smooth look. If this isn’t an option (block walls), consider cable concealers. They come in various shapes and sizes, and run cables along walls or under carpets.

When buying furniture, look for pieces with built-in cable management systems. Entertainment centers, desks and side tables can hide cables discreetly.

And embrace the wizardry of wireless technology — from built-in wireless charging pads to Bluetooth speakers and smart devices. These can also eliminate wire clutter.

Ever wished your TV could disappear sometimes? Enter TV mirrors, which double as reflective surfaces and flawlessly blend into your living room’s aesthetics.

For more television concealment, some screens can also disguise your TV as framed artwork. Metal panels can be rigged to open and close, and cabinets can hide a TV in a pinch.

Install architectural speakers inside walls and ceilings with a grille over the opening. When finished in the same color as the surrounding area, they’re difficult to see.

If you can’t add them inside your walls, consider decorative speaker covers that come in many styles, from classic to eccentric, blending in with your décor.

For lighting, you have plenty of options. Recessed lighting, installed into the ceiling or walls, fills the room with soft light from above while staying unobtrusive.

Cove lighting within the architectural features of the room can be used to accentuate wall textures, create a warm ambience or touch of drama.

You can even accentuate your art collection with discreet backlighting. Use concealed LED strips or panels strategically behind artworks for brilliant focal points.

With all this hidden tech, controlling it effortlessly is the key. Embrace voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control your smart devices, lights and concealed tech.

A universal remote control also can manage all your tech and make switching between them a piece of cake.

Why not go all out and take this a step further and set up smart home automation. Program lights, shades and tech to work together with minimal effort and smooth, sleek aesthetics.

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