LL Brighten a Bedroom

Consider the Right Color to Brighten a Bedroom

Need to calm down a rambunctious child or workaholic partner? Want to inspire creativity and optimism in another family member?

Consider the bedroom as the place to start. After all, this is where one greets the day and welcomes the night. Applying the psychology of color may guide you in your decorating.

Although a new science, there’s evidence that certain colors help reduce stress, improve sleep and boost different emotions. No surprise that blue is considered a calming color, but so is green.

It represents positivity, soothing and calming. Being surrounded by green, or least having it to look at, is said to connect one to nature, which in turn can combat sadness and hopelessness.

It’s considered the most balanced color, the experts says. It can encourage independence and the willingness to make change. Better yet, greens can stimulate wisdom and serenity. However, beware that shades too close to yellow can be off-putting for those who suffer from anxiety.

Speaking of yellow. For some it’s great for promoting cheerfulness, energy and happiness. Considered a motivating color, yellow also may spur one’s memory and ability to communicate.

Stay away from the intensity of too bright a yellow, but the gentler pastel shades offer lightness and playfulness to one’s surroundings.

Orange has a revitalizing effect and can be a grand color for a bedroom to promote energy and creativity.

That perfect present for a daughter turning Sweet 16 might be refreshing or adding the color pink to her bedroom. We all know it’s associated with love and tenderness, but it also encourages optimism.

While brighter shades like fuchsia are higher energy, lighter shades bring out a quiet strength.

Purple aids in imagination and self-awareness, while red brings about passion and stimulation. Note, though, you want to go for muted shades of red because bright shades can spark anger.

Before going all out and painting walls, test out some accessories. Bright pillows on a neutral bedspread, for instance. Carry it through with lamps, window treatments or a bold rug. Where you might want to go big with your color is the bed frame.

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