Helicopter Yoga Tours are Pinnacle of Practice

If yoga classes inside a packed, sweaty studio or in front of a screen at home doesn’t excite you anymore, you may have moved on to yoga in a park or garden, at a vortex in Sedona or beachside in California, Hawaii or anywhere else in the world.

If those venues are getting a little ho-hum, try helicopter yoga.

Following the same general format as heli-skiing, heli-yoga tours carry individuals or small groups to a remote site accessible only by helicopter, usually within a spectacular mountain range with heart-stopping views, for an exclusive session led by a qualified instructor — hopefully one who can hold your attention in the face of such natural beauty.

Helicopter yoga flights are relatively rare worldwide, with the largest concentration appearing to be in the Canadian Rockies.

Here is a sampling of the most lavish and lovely options:

Ring of fire

One of the priciest tours available is also one of the nearest to Northern Arizona. For $3,990 you can fly up to six passengers to a secluded cliff overlooking the Valley of Fire northeast of Las Vegas.

A 75-minute private yoga session, adaptable for any skill level, will be held in the tranquil sandstone geologic playground and you’ll be flown over the Strip on your way back to reality.

On the mountaintop

This one is a steal at $1,800 for up to six riders, but it’s considerably less convenient to us in Jasper National Park, west of Edmonton, Alberta.

This three-hour tour ferries a minimum of four passengers from a nearby airport over pristine lakes, waterfalls and forests to a remote peak for exploration and a yoga lesson provided by your pilot. You’ll never feel quite the same after an experience in this setting.

New Zealand zone

If you’re looking for an excuse to visit New Zealand you can do worse than signing up for a private yoga class on one of the mountain peaks of the stunning Kahurangi National Park or a super-isolated stretch of the rugged Wild West Coast beach.

Korkoro Studio’s Jeanette Ida will customize poses to your needs so you can reconnect with beauty in nature and beauty within yourself.

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