Personal Concierge Services Lead Way to Luxury

Do you have the money to pay for a truly superb, enriching lifestyle, but none of the time required to do the research to fulfill your vision?

You might want to enlist a personal concierge service.

These businesses, also referred to as luxury lifestyle concierge services, offer bespoke assistance for complex travel and personal arrangements that enable clients to live the lifestyle and experiences they desire.

Top providers include Quintessentially, Sienna Charles, John Paul Group, One Concierge and Elite Management Group. Some specialize in areas like travel or entertainment while others offer wraparound lifestyle services.

These include:

Lifestyle Concierge — Everyday errands like grocery shopping and management of situations like relocation, household management and staffing.

Travel Arrangements — Reservations for transportation and elite accommodations, passport and visa assistance, customized experiences and access to VIP amenities.

Event Planning — Organizing private parties, corporate functions and celebrations, including venues, guest RSVPs, food and entertainment.

Dining and Entertainment — Reservations and access to elite and exclusive restaurants and private chefs and other in-home dining experiences; VIP access to concerts, sports events, nightclubs and cultural events; food festivals, tours and other gastronomic experiences.

Wellness — Access to spa and wellness retreats, personal trainers, elite and at-home gyms and coordinating health and medical treatment and preventative care.

Personal Shopping and Styling — Fashion consultations, access to luxury boutiques and brands, alterations and tailoring, help shopping for apparel and gifts.

Art and Culture — Starting and building personal art collections; insider access to the world’s top museums and galleries, as well as arranging the itineraries needed for those trips.

Real Estate — Finding, buying, leasing and selling luxury properties; property and household management.

Financial Services — Asset management and other services can be integrated into financing your pursuits in any of the other areas, especially real estate and art collection.

Most of these firms must be contacted directly for pricing information, though at least one provides a few details on its website: Sienna Charles requires a minimum net worth of $100 million and an annual membership starts at $50,000.

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